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About Us:
PRTsystems are an independent Internet and networking consultancy based in Sussex and Cambridge, UK. We specialise in all aspects of the design of high availability, mission critical infrastructure where performance and reliability are key.

PRTsystems staff have a long and rich history in the Internet industry with over ten years experience. Between us, we have been involved in everything from the running of the technical side of early UK ISPs, through to a major upgrade of the largest internet exchange point in Europe, to the design and build-out of Internet hosting centres worldwide and the network design behind a number of enterprise and service provider customers.

This combination of roles enables us to offer a wide ranging set of skills including network design and configuration, server and services specification and configuration, systems administration, general consultancy, project management and high quality, low latency Internet access and hosting. We also offer a wide range of support and pro-active monitoring services to ensure the highest possible service for our customers.

We also operate a UK-based network, used by us and our close partners to deliver high-quality, specialist Internet services to our customers.

Our primary consultant, Paul Thornton, has over twenty years experience in the international Internet arena. His CV can be downloaded here.