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Legal Notes:
This website and its contents are copyright © 2015 PRT Systems Limited. All rights reserved. All information on this site was correct at the time of going to press and all endeavours are made to ensure that it remains up to date, however no warrantee of any kind either express or implied is given. E&OE.

Customers and end users of the PRT Systems Ltd network are subject to the PRT Systems Internet Services acceptable use policy.

Customers who use a Nominet UK Domain Name (any domain ending .uk) should familiarise themselves with Nominet specific information for important information regarding your domain name.

Violators of our terms and conditions will be mercilessly hounded by teams of wholly humourless lawyers.

Complaints Procedure:
We, of course, hope that you never need to make a complaint. If, however, you are unsatisfied with any aspect of our service, please initially E-mail us at support [at] prtsystems.ltd.uk and open a support case providing as much information as possible. If this complaint relates to an ongoing support case, please do open a second case specifically for the complaint and reference the original case number.

We will respond to your case within 5 days.

If you are unsatisfied with the response, or you wish to escalate your complaint, please write to us at our head office (see our contact details), and a senior manager will review your complaint within 72 hours and respond.

Privacy Policy:
In the course of your viewing of this website, our web servers will store records of the pages that you have viewed, the time you viewed them, the web browser that you were using and your Internet Address at the time of viewing. In addition, if you came to our website from a link on another site, we will store the address of the site which referred you to us.

This information is only used for statistical and technical troubleshooting purposes. No other use is made of this information. We will only disclose this information outside of our own company if required to do so by United Kingdom law.

If you provide your contact details to us, we will only use this information in order to conduct business with you. We will not send unsolicited emails, nor pass this information onto third parties without your express consent.