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Specific Information for .UK (Nominet-registered) domains:
Nominet UK (www.nominet.org.uk), the registry for all domain names ending uk, have a requirement in their terms and conditions for us to ensure that you are aware of the following:

When you register a .UK domain name through us you are entering into two separate contracts, one is with Nominet UK and the other is with PRT Systems Limited. This is known as a three-way-contract - details can be found here on Nominet's website.

Compliance with both Nominet's and our terms and conditions is a mandatory requirement relating to all .uk domains purchased through us, should confirmation of compliance not be explicitly given by the registrant then it is deemed to have been given by the registrant when ordering or completing payment for a domain name which ever is earlier.

Our charges for registration and hosting for uk domain names will be detailed on your specific service order, however where not specified, Nominet-registered domains are charged at £20+vat per annum, including DNS hosting and support.

To contact us regarding a domain name issue, please see our contact details.

Domain names are automatically renewed 14 days before expiry, unless you have: (a) asked us in writing to cancel a domain at least 30 days before expiry, or (b) asked us in writing to transfer the domain to another provider at least 30 days before expiry. All domains are billed 30 days in advance.

If you cancel any services with us that include a domain name, we will ask you whether you want us to either: (a) cancel the domain name, or (b) transfer the domain name to another provider. If you want us to transfer to another provider, you must arrange that with them in advance.

We do not charge for transferring domains to another provider, nor do we charge for domains being transferred to us from another provider.